First Policy Response’s goal is to bring the Canadian policy community together to highlight the best economic and social policy ideas that will get Canadians through the pandemic and prepare us for a more sustainable and equitable recovery.

We cannot do that without publishing ideas and pieces that represent the views of all Canadians. Some people face barriers that prevent them from pitching or submitting pieces to our platform. They might be:

  • people from groups traditionally under-represented in public policy and journalism work;
  • gig workers, freelancers and people who don’t have salaried jobs or employers supportive of outside writing; and/or
  • people who express policy ideas through artistic or other, non-text based means.

First Policy Response has created a new fund to better enable pitches and submissions from people in these groups, with a priority on Black and Indigenous writers and contributors. The fund will also support writers and contributors from other under-represented groups, including people of colour, people with disabilities, youth and unemployed people or low-wage earners.

This supports FPR’s goal of amplifying diverse policy ideas, and builds on our commitment in June to better amplify voices at the front lines of inclusive policymaking, with a focus on Black voices.

Pitches and submissions must have a Canadian public policy focus, be relevant to the COVID-19 crisis/recovery, and advance a specific argument. For FPR’s submission and writing guidelines, see our FAQ.

Successful pitches and submissions to FPR will receive an honorarium of $250.

For pitches that are accepted from writers or contributors with limited publishing experience, the FPR team will work with you to produce work that accurately captures your ideas. We also recognize the value in expressing ideas through various mediums, and are open to receiving pitches and submissions that incorporate lived experience, and through formats such as infographics and other visual products, podcast episodes, or other creative formats.

Q&A session video on contributors fund

View our Q&A session on the details of the fund and the process of pitching and submitting pieces.


Get in touch for more information or to pitch a submission to FPR.

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The FPR Contributor Fund has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the McConnell Foundation.